About WireLust

Like everyone else on the planet, I’m not very good at thinking of how to describe myself. I’m a software consultant and freelancer living in Boston. I spend all of my free time thinking and learning about technology, new and old. I live am knee deep in this evolution of new media. I keep my personal notes in wiki form. I carry a laptop and two smart-phones all the time. I am working on about a million personal projects. I can often be found at the bar writing down ideas. I am always interested in talking to people and brainstorming about their ideas.

I started this blog to start recording notes about my day to day tech related experiences and challenges. Spam filters often block this site or my comments on other blogs because of the URL. I think that is lame. I try to update once a week, but often fall short.

The bulk of professional background is in the enterprise Java realm but I do whatever work comes in and is interesting. I am solution-agnostic but I do lean towards the open source world when possible.

Hopefully something on this site will be helpful to someone else out there.

Look! Some other evidence of my existence..

-Terrence Curran <-- last name for googling