IE Javascript not working

Friday, January 29th, 2010

I had some javascript that I couldn’t get to run in IE. It was driving me nuts. I spent a few hours slowly reading every line to make sure there were no stray commas or anything else IE doesn’t like.

After two wasted hours, I went to, and it kindly informed me that javascript was disabled.

Except it wasn’t.

Another half an hour of google searching and I find out that I need to re-register the javascript dll.

Run this command from the start menu or command dialog if this happens to you:
regsvr32.exe jscript.dll

Windows is so dumb.

0x80070005 error when trying to create Scheduled Task in Windows 2003

Monday, October 12th, 2009

When I was trying to set up a scheduled take in windows 2003, I kept getting this error: 80070005 access is denied

A lot of googling and I found the following things to try if you are having a similar issue:

Local Security policy Settings

1. Open your local security policy control panel:
Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy
2. go to the folder:
Security\Local Policies\Security Options
3. check the following permissions:
Interactive logon: Require Domain Controller authentication to unlock – set to Disabled
Network Access: Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users – set to Enabled
Interactive Login: Message text for users attempting to log in – clear this setting

That last one creates a popup message that appears when users log into the computer. I found that this causes problems with some but not all of scheduled tasks.

File Permissiosn

Check the file and folder permissions of whatever script you are tying to execute. Make sure that the user you are trying to run the scheduled task as has Read and Execute permissions for the script.

If your script is a .bat file, make sure the user has Read and Execute permissions for cmd.exe

If your script is a .vbs. file, make sure that the user has Read and Execute permissions for cscript.exe

Too many permissions, try an unprivileged user

With older copies of windows it was fairly common practice to run all scheduled tasks as Administrator or some other type of super user. Security policies tend to be tighter now and are often set to restrict users with too much power as logging on in batch mode.

Create a new user who is a member of only the default Users group. Grant this user permissions on the folders you need to run your scheduled tasks. Keeping this user out of the Administrators group will make your server more secure and might clear up the Access Denied error.