JpegDeux updated for OSX 10.8

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It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to show a simple photo slideshow on OSX. Back in the day I feel like i had to do this more often. I remembered that I used to either use Graphic Converter or a simpler program called JPEGDeux.

I had to do a photo slideshow today, so I went to download one of these programs to do it. Graphic Converter was a 150MB download and I was on LTE so it wasn’t downloading quick enough. JPEGDeux, unfortunately, downloaded but wouldn’t work on my version of OSX. In fact it looks like they only have binaries for PPC versions of OSX less than 10.3.

JPEGDeux logo
Well, I had to fix this. I downloaded the source for JPEGDeux and spent the afternoon updating it and getting it to compile again. It used an old XCode project format and a lot of out-dated carbon APIs that aren’t supported anymore. After more time than I hoped I would have spent, it is now working again. I disabled the Quicktime option because that would have required re-writing large amounts of code to work with CoreImage, but it works just fine without the Quicktime option on modern hardware.

I uploaded the code to GitHub because Sourceforge makes me sad.

Please report any issues you have running this. I have only tried it on my mac so far. And if you have the means, please fork and help out with the code.


 Download a compiled Binary
Download source at Github

  • Matte Braidić

    Do you know of a version that works on OS 10.9?

  • Terrence Curran

    Does this version not work on 10.9 for you? it is working for me.

  • Mockman

    Thanks for this. The downside of the major architecture shifts that Apple has made over the years is that great programmes such as JPEGDexu/View have been left behind. I’m very pleased that this app is working again. Despite its simplicity, I still haven’t seen anything on that does straightforward slideshows so well. And for what it’s worth, I’m running it in 10.9 as well.

    In terms of issues, I haven’t been able to add keyboard shortcuts that copy the active image (well, I can add them but they do nothing). Also, I’m unable to drag a folder onto the dock icon to add it to the playlist. Neither issue is major for me but you mention above to let you know about such things.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  • Steve Arkwright

    It would be a godsend if you could make it work on Intel Macs pre-OS X 10.8 for those of us working on machines which cannot go higher than OS X 10.7.5. Do you think it’s possible please?

  • Kenneth Wills

    I have been enthusiastic about JPEG View since its earliest days, and I am thrilled that you have developed a version that will run VERY WELL on El Capitan. Congratulations and many thanks!