I spoke too soon

Of course, as soon as I post about my OSX kernel panics being fixed, there it is again. This definitely has something to do with networking, but it is tough to tell with all the layers.

I am using:

  • WiFi (with patched 802.11n firmware)
  • Wired Ethernet
  • Tunnelblick (OpenVPN)
  • Parallels Shared Networking

The crash always seems to occur, but not consistently:

  • When switching from WiFi to Ethernet, or the other way around
  • When Tunnelblick connection is dropped unexpectedly
  • When switching from shared to host only networking in Parallels

I am going to try my best to recreate the issue consistently soon and be done with it for good.

Update (1/30/2008):
Upgrading my version of Parallels to 3.0, build 5582 has fully fixed the problem once and for all. It has now been over 30 days without a Kernel Panic!